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Fic: Who You Gonna Call? (DW, Martha/Mickey)

Written for: NancyBrown for Trick or Treat Exchange. “This is all your fault, you know,” Mickey declared as he flounced (there really was no other word for it) into one of the chairs ringing the console. The Doctor looked up, … Continue reading

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Fic: Hold You in Their Precious Keep (ds, F/V/K)

Ray Vecchio loved Christmas. In fact, he would even venture to say he loved it more than most people, in spite of the fact that it usually meant seeing some relatives he could generally do without. He also felt he … Continue reading

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Fic: Estella Adore (ST:E, Trip/Hoshi)

Author’s Note: Pure sap. Probably a cliche or several too, but this is what came to me. *g* I think the title translates as “to adore the star” but I’ve never formally studied Latin, so please feel free to correct … Continue reading

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Fic: Painted Ladies (SGA, gen)

Author’s Note: This was the result of downloading several large promo images of Teyla and noticing a subtle but distinct difference between the earlier and later ones. And yes, I have Teyla and Elizabeth acting a little girly, what of … Continue reading

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Fic: Somewhere Else (dS, Fraser/RayV)

Author’s Note: The scenes of Ray’s journey take place in chronological order. The bits of dialogue do not, necessarily. I leave it up to the reader to decide whether they happen at all. Thanks so much to my beta reader, … Continue reading

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Fic: A Little Miracle (Profiler, Sam/Bailey)

Author’s Note: Written for my best friend DebC, her husband, and their daughter, the real Brenna Leigh, who was welcomed to the world on March 15, 2000. Can’t believe both she and this story are twelve years old already! He’d … Continue reading

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Fic: Every Man’s Fantasy (NCIS, Kate/Abby)

Author’s Note: Written for a prompt challenge meme on Livejournal. misssimm asked for any pairing with the line of dialogue, “Tony…what are you wearing?” Since the challenge quote specifically mentioned Tony…I decided to be evil and make it a pairing … Continue reading

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