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Fic: Hold You in Their Precious Keep (ds, F/V/K)

Ray Vecchio loved Christmas. In fact, he would even venture to say he loved it more than most people, in spite of the fact that it usually meant seeing some relatives he could generally do without. He also felt he … Continue reading

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Fic: Estella Adore (ST:E, Trip/Hoshi)

Author’s Note: Pure sap. Probably a cliche or several too, but this is what came to me. *g* I think the title translates as “to adore the star” but I’ve never formally studied Latin, so please feel free to correct … Continue reading

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Fic: Dakota Blues (IJ/SPN, Sam/OC)

Author’s Note: Written for Medie for Christmas 2008. Only Dakota is mine; Carolina and Henry Jones the Fourth belong to Medie, Sam Winchester to Kripke/the CW/etc. and the Jones family as a whole to George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. There … Continue reading

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