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Fic: Who You Gonna Call? (DW, Martha/Mickey)

Written for: NancyBrown for Trick or Treat Exchange. “This is all your fault, you know,” Mickey declared as he flounced (there really was no other word for it) into one of the chairs ringing the console. The Doctor looked up, … Continue reading

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Fic: Parted from Me (ST:TOS/AOS, Spock/Saavik)

Author’s Note: This story was written as catharsis upon realizing that in the new universe established by the new movies, one of my favorite characters from ST II-IV will now likely never exist. Because said character got the bulk of … Continue reading

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Fic: Estella Adore (ST:E, Trip/Hoshi)

Author’s Note: Pure sap. Probably a cliche or several too, but this is what came to me. *g* I think the title translates as “to adore the star” but I’ve never formally studied Latin, so please feel free to correct … Continue reading

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Fic: Lessons of History (ST:V/ST:E, various)

Author’s Note: Written during S2 of Enterprise…back when I still had some small, unrealistic hope that things might go this direction with Trip and Hoshi…even if I’d already had to give up on Harry/B’Elanna. *g* Museum of Starfleet History San … Continue reading

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Fic: Breaking (SGA, Sheppard/Weir/McKay)

Author’s Note: Written after “The Siege” Part II aired and before it could be Jossed by Part III. Not that the show ever would’ve gone this way anyway, but I can fantasize. Letting him go is the hardest thing they’ve … Continue reading

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Fic: Game, Set, Match (SGA, Sheppard/Weir)

Author’s Note: Written for Noelle for sg1flashfic2; she wanted McKay humor, Sheppard/Weir romance, or Sam/Teal’c–I think I managed the first two with a cameo by the third. Written during S1, so operates on the assumption that the team wouldn’t succeed in … Continue reading

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