Forever Knight

Title: Angels of Light
Characters: Nick Knight, Natalie Lambert, Lucien LaCroix, Tess, Monica, Andrew, Original Character
Pairing: Nick/Nat
Genre: Crossover, Drama, Angst, Het, Fix-It, Religious Themes
Spoilers: “Last Knight”
Rating: PG
Crossover: Touched By an Angel
Summary: Someone who has been watching over Nick for centuries comes forward to help him find the redemption he seeks.


Title: The Children’s Hour
Characters: Divia, Kenny, Lucien LaCroix, Methos, Richie Ryan, Janette Ducharme, Joe Dawson, Duncan MacLeod, Urs
Pairing: Divia/Kenny
Genre: Crossover, AU, Action, Angst, Het
Spoilers: Forever Knight – “Ashes to Ashes”; Highlander – nothing past “The Messenger”
Rating: PG-13
Crossover: Highlander
When childhood never ends, innocence dies young.


Title: The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, Kate Heightmeyer, Erika, Fleur de Brabant
Pairing: Weir/Heightmeyer, Erika/Fleur
Genre: AU, Reincarnation, Drabble, Femslash
Spoilers: Forever Knight – “Last Act,” “Be My Valentine”; Stargate Atlantis – nothing past “The Gift”
Rating: PG
Crossover: Stargate Atlantis
Summary: How do you bring up in normal conversation the possibility that your boss was your lover and your master in another life?


Title: Strange Knight
Authors: Azar and DebC
Characters: Chance Harper, Natalie Lambert, Nick Knight, Janette Ducharme, Lucien LaCroix, Don Schanke, Amanda Cohen, Original Characters
Pairings: Chance/Nat, Nick/Nat, Nick/Janette
Genre: Crossover, Drama, Angst, Het
Spoilers: Strange Luck–none; Forever Knight–nothing past season 2
Rating: PG
Crossover: Strange Luck
Summary: Chance Harper travels to Toronto…and finds a whole new kind of trouble there.

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