I’ll be honest, when it comes to fandoms, I have about the attention span of a rabbit. Once it’s out of sight, it’s generally out of mind at least for the moment. As a result, I wind up with a lot of unfinished stories and series on my hard drive, and I’ve always regretted that. So, I’m linking some of them here. ALL of the stories on this page are unfinished: some of them will have summaries of how they would’ve gone, but not all of them. Some I don’t remember anymore.

Also, if a story is on this page, that means it is officially abandoned. Which, in turn, means that while the response to any plea for me to continue them will be a definitive “no,” I WILL consider adopting it out if someone else wants to finish it, IF they e-mail me and get my permission first. I’m pretty easygoing, so if I like where you’d go with it, chances are I’ll say yes. Any stories “adopted” without my blessing, however, will be treated as plagiarism and acted upon as such.

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