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Fic: Estella Adore (ST:E, Trip/Hoshi)

Author’s Note: Pure sap. Probably a cliche or several too, but this is what came to me. *g* I think the title translates as “to adore the star” but I’ve never formally studied Latin, so please feel free to correct … Continue reading

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Fic: Somewhere Else (dS, Fraser/RayV)

Author’s Note: The scenes of Ray’s journey take place in chronological order. The bits of dialogue do not, necessarily. I leave it up to the reader to decide whether they happen at all. Thanks so much to my beta reader, … Continue reading

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Fic: The Life You Knew Before (PoI, Reese/Carter)

Author’s Note: Written for michele659 for the wegetcarter comm’s mini gift exchange. Title taken from “Music of the Night”. “Taylor.” John’s arm around her waist tightens almost imperceptibly. Not like he expected her to say anything else. Ever since they … Continue reading

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