Miscellaneous Books

The Black Jewels Series

Title: The Warlord Prince of York
Characters: Harold Finch, John Reese, Joss Carter, Lionel Fusco, Mark Snow, Taylor Carter, mentions of others
Pairings: background Finch/Reese and Carter/Beecher
Genre: Fusion, Crossover,  Alternate Universe, Drama, Angst, Gen, Slash, Het
Spoilers: Person of Interest–Pilot, “Get Carter,” “Flesh and Blood” with minor references to other episodes through the S2 mid-season finale, “Shadow Box”; Black Jewels –minor references to “The Warlord Prince of Dhemlan,” “The Weaver of Dreams” and The Invisible Ring
Rating: PG-13
Fusion: Person of Interest
Summary: As the influence of Dorothea SaDiablo begins to spread through Terreile, Prince Harold Finch hatches a daring plan to save his home Territory of York. The only problem is, he’ll need the help of York’s most dangerous Warlord Prince to pull it off.

The Dresden Files/Harry Potter

Title: Double Trouble (or, When Harry Met Harry)
Characters: Harry Dresden, Harry Potter
Pairing: none
Genre: Crossover, Angst, Gen
Spoilers: Harry Potter – Order of the Phoenix; The Dresden Files – “Birds of a Feather”
Rating: PG
Crossover: The Dresden Files (TV)
Summary: “She gets a report from the Greyhound terminal about some teenage kid throwing a couple of guys around with what appeared to be magic, it’s only natural she’d drag me out of bed at 3AM to come down and take a look.”

Tanya Huff books

Title: Light One Candle
Characters: Henry Fitzroy, Zev Sero
Pairing: none
Genre: Holiday, Friendship
Spoilers: through Smoke and Ashes to be on the safe side
Rating: G
Summary: Henry receives an unexpected invitation.

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