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Fic: Hold You in Their Precious Keep (ds, F/V/K)

Ray Vecchio loved Christmas. In fact, he would even venture to say he loved it more than most people, in spite of the fact that it usually meant seeing some relatives he could generally do without. He also felt he … Continue reading

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Fic: Faithful Friends Who are Dear to Us (SG-1, various pairings)

Author’s Note: This was a Christmas gift for my friend, Christina, some years ago, and thus prominently features a pair of her OCs. If that’s not your cup of tea, I’d much rather you not read than read it and … Continue reading

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Fic: If Only in My Dreams (QL, gen)

Author’s Note: Written for Birene for Yuletide 2009. Thanks SO much to mari4212 for the very prompt beta, and Medie for the much needed cheerleading/butt-kicking without which this probably would never have gotten finished in time. To my recipient, I’m … Continue reading

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Fic: Yes, Declan, There Is a Santa Claus (MW, gen)

Acknowledgments: Thanks to Medie, DebC and Mari4212 for the betas! Please be informed there is a Santa Claus. That’s affirmative. You’re the best ones to know. –Jim Lovell and Ken Mattingly, Apollo 8 flight journal “So you’re not going home … Continue reading

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Fic: Cinderella After Midnight (DW, Eight/Charley)

Author’s Note: Inspired by a Victorian-style social dance I was lucky enough to get to attend last November. Set immediately after “The Chimes at Midnight,” hence the Christmas setting. Hope you like! Now, this was a good deal more like … Continue reading

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