Master Post: Ships in the Night (QL, Sam/Donna)

Author’s Note: Another early one. This is the aftermath of the events in “Donna’s Song,” and it was meant to lead into an ongoing series but the later installments just never quite got finished. They may eventually make an appearance on the fragments page, though, if I decide I’m not too embarrassed by them. *g*

Chapter 1: Donna
Chapter 2: Sam
Chapter 3: Meanwhile
Chapter 4: Beth
Chapter 5: In the Waiting Room
Chapter 6: Back in Business
Chapter 7: Chance Encounter
Chapter 8: Just Like Old Times
Chapter 9: Getting Acquainted
Chapter 10: Allan
Chapter 11: Questions and Answers
Chapter 12: Suspicions
Chapter 13: Phone Calls
Chapter 14: Progress Report
Chapter 15: Countdown
Chapter 16: Moment of Truth
Chapter 17: Reunion

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