Fic: The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn (FK/SGA, Kate/Elizabeth)

Author’s Note: AU for both shows–presumes that Torri’s character on FK died much earlier and Claire Rankin’s much, much later. *grin* And yes, a working knowledge of FK is needed to understand the drabble.

You don’t blame the dreams. You don’t talk about it at all, even during your daily sessions. The psychologist in you knows it’s not healthy, but how do you bring up in normal conversation the possibility that your boss was your lover and your master in a previous life?

Still…every time you wake from one of the dreams, it’s to find Elizabeth at your door, pale as the vampire you dreamt of. And if you call her “Erika” in the heat of passion and she calls you “Fleur” instead of “Kate”…well, it’s easy to dismiss by the light of day.

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