Master Post: Five Couples Jack Harkness Never Slept With (DW/various, Jack/everyone)

Five Couples Jack Harkness Never Slept With

Written for Medie for Christmas, so the first bit is set in her Counterparts Sentinel AU. Each chapter can be read independently of all the others if you’re not familiar with all the crossovers. Also, written shortly after “Everything Changes” aired, so not canon compliant with anything in Torchwood past early series 1.

Broken up into chapters so those who want to read only the parts involving fandoms they know can do so. *g*

The Sentinel: A Sense of Adventure
NCIS: When the Pupil is Ready
Highlander: Careful What You Wish For
Stargate SG-1: In For a Penny
Stargate Atlantis: Back to Basics

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