Master Post: The Centre of the Universe (DW, Nine/Nyssa)

The Centre of the Universe

dustjacket by matsujo9

Author’s Note: Huge thanks to my beta readers, rivendellrose and st_aurafina, for your honesty, thoroughness, and sometimes unexpected expertise. To my artists, matsujo9 and Kathryn Andersen, for illustrating my story so beautifully. Also to my cheerleader, Medie, without whom this would probably never have been finished. This is especially remarkable because she doesn’t know Five’s era at all, but still kept me going with her enthusiasm for a character she’d never met. 🙂 I would also be remiss if I did not express a debt of gratitude to the story “Orphans” by Carmen Sandiego. When I first hit on the idea of reuniting Nine with Nyssa years ago, I immediately went in search of fanfic. At the time, that story was the only one I found, but it was enough to keep the idea alive in my imagination. I’ve tried to honor it the best I can by writing what I hope is a very different story. Also, due to the depth and richness the Big Finish audio adventures added to the Doctor and Nyssa’s history and relationship, I drew rather heavily on their canon to supplement what we saw on screen. I tried to make the references clear enough that you shouldn’t have to have heard the audios to understand them, but familiarity with them might enhance the experience. “Circular Time” and “The Gathering” were the two I drew on the most, although there are small nods to “Winter for the Adept,” “Primeval,” “Spare Parts” and the Thomas Brewster trilogy as well.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine

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