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Fic: A School for Scandal? (DW, Donna/Martha/Ace)

Author’s Note: Written for lcsbanana for the DW Cliché-Swap Ficathon. My cliché was “group sex and Academy hijinks” with a prompt of “any pairing.” I, um…took my recipient at their word on that, so here’s hoping the rather insane option … Continue reading

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Fic: The Wedding of Doctor Martha (Smith- ) Jones (DW/SJA, Martha/Sarah)

Author’s Note: Inspired by a conversation with wolfryder about RTD’s stated reasons for a certain creative choice. (Some people wrote angst post-EoT, I wrote humor. Go figure. 😮 ) Thanks to mari4212 for the beta. 🙂 “Stop this wedding!” Dr. … Continue reading

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Fic: Pieces of Who We Might Have Been (The Only in My Dreams Remix) (DW, Charley/Lucie)

Author’s Note: Written for the Reverse Remix, Comment Edition for amaresu, a remix of her “Breaking Pieces.” It’s probably worth it to read that first to better understand this one. 🙂 Also, I quoted one line of that story in … Continue reading

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Fic: One More Sunset (BtVS, Willow/Tara)

Author’s Note: Thanks to Ari, for taking me seriously when I said I wanted an exacting beta. 🙂 I don’t know if these changes are enough, but I hope so. And if not, consider this the second draft of however … Continue reading

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